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Schwinn -- Quality or Quantity?
Does anybody have any infor about Pacific's plans for Schwinn? Are Schwinns going to start popping up in department stores or is Pacific going to keep the Schwinn name in bike shops only?

Ride Hard!
Posted by Schwinnboy a 32 year old riding a 2000 Schwinn Rocket 88 from Gallup, New Mexico on 09/26/01

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  • Re: Schwinn -- Quality or Quantity?
    Posted by Alldownhill a 40 year old Downhiller riding a Schwinn lil chik from Dreamland on 09/26/01

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  • Schwinn and GT SUCKS ASSS
    Schwinn will be selling to Wal-mart and Pacific's press release today said they will be selling GT to Wal-mart as well.This move by Pacific is the worst thing that has ever happend to the bike industry. With the brand of Schwinn they will de-valuate(?) All bikes, and in the end not only the bike dealers will be hurt but so will the consumers.
    Posted by Wally WallMart on 09/26/01

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    • Re: Schwinn and GT SUCKS ASSS
      Can you provide a link for this info? I went to the crapific web site, and saw nothing of the type.
      Posted by Rem.788 a 34 year old riding a KHS Team/Breezer Jet Stream on 09/28/01

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  • Re: Schwinn -- Quality or Quantity?
    Take it from someone who knows first hand what has happened here.First I bought a GT I-Drive in April and the frame was cracked I was told I'd have to wait until the new owners took over and if they were reputable they'd stand behind the warranties.Pacific Cycles took over and I was told by 3 different people there, that they would not stand behind any of the bikes sold prior to them taking over.These people are the epitomy of dirty dealings.Not only do they make a product that is cheap it is downright dangerous.How can you put your kid on a bike that is known for breaking apart and kids getting hurt?They don't care.They are going to sell as many cheaply made bikes as they can before people get wise.There is always the few of "A fool and his money are soon parted" and also the few that think the lowest price is the best deal.If these people try to market these bikes as real mountain bikes, people will soon be getting seriously hurt or maybe even killed because of their shoddy workmanship and cheap materials,maybe then they'll be sued and put out of business.It's really to bad that two of the best american bike companies went out the way they did.They had some of the best products over the years but really poor management.I was told by an ex-employee about how much management was paid and it's no wonder that they couldn't make it.It is true that Pacific was trying to sell GT and they were going to Walmart and the likes with Schwinn,you can read about it at:
    Posted by Pain Freak a 45 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a Specialized F/S M4 from Fontana,CA on 09/29/01

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  • Re: Schwinn -- Quality or Quantity?
    Seriuosly,this is bad news,although "Schwinn" is merely a name any longer.The original Schwinn name was sold a long time ago.Too many new bikes are made in China,cheap pieces of crap.But,hey,hang out in a bike store on a Saturday and watch yuppie couples pull up in a $40,000 Volvo and say "We're looking for a couple bikes and we don't want to spend over $200 each." I rest my case.
    Posted by Alldownhill on 10/01/01

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